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This is farming for healthy families and futures.

There is nothing closer to our hearts than what ends up on your table. So everything we do—from maintaining the highest standard of animal welfare to dry-ageing our Angus beef for a minimum of 18 days—is in the service of you feeling good about what you are feeding your family.

Angus Cattle

We have been raising cattle for over 30 years.  In 2013 we purchased a small herd of black and red Angus heifers and cows.

Why Angus?
  • Very hardy
  • Perform extremely well on pasture and hay
  • Excellent mothering abilities
  • Superb marbling, making for tender beef

Having purchased several hundred pounds of pork from Schielke Farms over the past several years, I can honestly attest to the quality, flavour and value of their meat. The animals are clearly raised in a very happy, healthy, and caring environment, and this translates into a product that finds the perfect balance between meat that is delicate, tender and very flavourful, and a modest amount of fat that is pure white and creamy. Together…well…whether it’s bacon, hams, chops, sausages, charcuterie, or roasts, they never disappoint. Perhaps the most resounding endorsement I have ever heard of a ham was from two older family members who stated “This is what pork tasted like when I was little…I didn’t think you could get meat like this anymore!”

Lars K. Hallstrom

Our family has been eating beef and pork from the Schielke’s for the past 5 years and will never be able to go back to supermarket meat. The taste and quality of what they produce is amazing and we’ve recommended it to many of our family and friends. We’ve also had the opportunity to visit the farm and can’t imagine a better place to raise animals. Debbie and Kevin went out of their way to make sure our son had a great time as he learned about where his food comes from. We hope to have Schielke beef and pork on our dinner table for many years to come.


We really enjoy the taste of your grass-fed beef. Our family members who have sensitive digestive systems notice that they feel good after eating it, no unpleasant side effects.


We have been buying meat from Schielke Farms for 4 years now. The meat is wonderful, the taste is pure. We wouldn’t want to buy from anywhere else. We love how conscious they are in raising the animals and what they feed them. We have visited the farm on multiple occasions Debbie and Kevin have been so welcoming to us and our kids taking us on tours of the farm.


I’ve been buying meat products from Schielke Farms for over 5 years now. What started with buying a few dozen eggs here and there has turned in to an annual pork order. Whenever we cook their products for friends and family, we are asked where we get our incredible pork from. Needless to say, all of these people are now customers of Kevin and Debbie as well! Perhaps my favourite part of being a customer is being able to drop by their yard in the summer and see all of the happy animals grazing around the yard, living in perfect harmony with each other. It goes a long way for me to be able to see that my meat is being raised ethically and treated with such love and care.

B Faught

Our Door Is Open

If you would like to come and see us—or our animals — please get in touch.  We would love to show you around!

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