Purchasing Our Beef
Whole | ~600 lbs

A whole beef with an approximate hanging carcass weight of 600 pounds will yield approximately 360 pounds of meat. The cost to the customer is as follows: 600 lbs @ $4.95/lb = $2,970 plus processing.

Half | ~300 lbs

A half beef with an approximate hanging carcass weight of 300 pounds will yield approximately 180 pounds of meat. The cost to the customer is as follows: 300 lbs @ $4.95/lb = $1,485 plus processing.

Individual Cuts | Varies

Beef may be purchased in individual cuts from the Farm or at the various Farmers’ Markets we attend. Please contact us for details.



Our steers and heifers are shipped at approximately 1000-1200 pounds. A 1000 pound steer/heifer will produce approximately a 600 pound hanging carcass weight. Around 400 pounds are lost in hide, blood and inedible organs.


Processing costs for a half is $300.

Forestburg Quality Meats Price List 2019
Cutting Instructions

You will place your order with us.
We will contact you to let you know that your animal has been delivered to Forestburg Quality Meats.
You will call Lynn at Forestburg Quality Meats (780-582-6328) and give her your cutting instructions.
At this time you can ask Lynn any questions you have; she is very friendly and knowledgeable!


We deliver to central locations in Camrose, Edmonton and Sherwood Park.

If you are interested in ordering or require further information, please contact Debbie at 780-855-3763 or at [email protected]

Schielke 2019 Price List

Our Animals
Angus Cattle

We have been raising cattle for over 30 years.  In 2013 we purchased a small herd of black and red Angus heifers and cows.

Why Angus?
  • Very hardy
  • Perform extremely well on pasture and hay
  • Excellent mothering abilities
  • Superb marbling, making for tender beef

Since then, we have kept our best females for breeding purposes.  We are slowly building this herd to numbers that are sustainable for our pastures and our farm.  We begin calving in May.

From late spring to early fall the cattle are rotated through pastures on our farm that have not been sprayed or fertilized. During the winter months they are fed hay and silage that has been grown and harvested in our fields. They are fed 100% grass for their entire lives.  The cattle are also provided with a free-choice ration of salt and mineral. Their winter access to water is provided in the yard by a well and during the grazing season water is provided from fenced off dugouts.


Our animals are never injected with growth hormones. We work closely with a team of exceptional large animal veterinarians and, in the event an animal becomes ill and treatment with antibiotics is deemed the only reasonable alternative, antibiotics will be used and the animal will be marketed as such. We only use antibiotics when we feel that it is the best option to promote the animal’s recovery and to minimize the animal’s discomfort.

Processing & Storage

The beef is processed and stored in government-inspected facilities.