Purchasing Our Pork
Whole | ~160 lbs

A whole hog with an approximate hanging carcass weight of 160 pounds will yield approximately 120 pounds of meat for the freezer. The cost to the customer is as follows: 160 lbs @ $3.75/lb = $632 plus processing.

Half | ~80 lbs

A half hog with an approximate hanging carcass weight of 80 pounds will yield approximately 60 pounds of meat for the freezer. The cost to the customer is as follows: 80 lbs @ $3.75/lb = $316 plus processing.

Individual Cuts | Varies

Pork may be purchased in individual cuts from the Farm or at the various Farmers Markets we attend. Please contact us for details.

Pork Cuts


Our hogs are shipped at approximately 200 pounds. A 200 pound hog will produce approximately a 160 pounds hanging carcass weight. Around 40 pounds are lost in hide, blood and inedible organs.  Hanging weight means the customer pays for the chilled, hanging carcass weight of the slaughtered hog with the head, hide and internal organs removed. The hanging carcass weight is usually about 80 percent of the weight of a live hog. It is important to note that the hanging carcass weight is not the same as the boxed freezer weight of the cut hog. When the carcass is cut into legs and chops, additional bone and fat are discarded. The weight of the cut hog depends on what cuts are requested, and the size of the hog.


Processing costs are within $200 – $300.

Forestburg Quality Meats Price List 2019
Cutting Instructions
  1. You will place your order with us.
  2. We will contact you to let you know that your animal has been delivered to Forestburg Quality Meats.
  3. You will call Lynn at Forestburg Quality Meats (780-582-6328) and give her your cutting instructions.
  4. At this time you can ask Lynn any questions you have; she is very friendly and knowledgeable!

We deliver to central locations in Camrose, Edmonton and Sherwood Park.  If you are interested in ordering or require further information, please contact Debbie at 780-855-3763 or at [email protected]

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Our Animals

We have been raising pastured pork for 10 years. Our hogs were purchased at 50 pounds from a local farmer. During the summer of 2017, we purchased some pure bred Berkshire gilts and a boar.

Why Berkshire?

  • Extremely hardy and perform well outdoors
  • Friendly and curious
  • Exceptional mothers
  • Meat is naturally juicy and flavourful

As pigs are naturally social animals, they are kept in small groups and are raised on pasture where they can root, wallow, eat and sleep together. Their pasture diet is supplemented with grains grown and ground primarily on our farm. Shelter is provided at night and during inclement weather.

Our animals are never injected with growth hormones. We work closely with a team of exceptional large animal veterinarians and, in the event an animal becomes ill and treatment with antibiotics is deemed the only reasonable alternative, antibiotics will be used and the animal will be marketed as such. We only use antibiotics when we feel that it is the best option to promote the animal’s recovery and to minimize the animal’s discomfort.

The pork is processed and stored in small, family-owned and government-inspected facilities.